Video guide for job seekers to register and post resume.


Video guide for employers to register and post jobs


1. How do I create an account on website ? Follow these steps to register an account for free:

     - On the homepage of website, click Register.

     - After filling out all required information, click Register button.

     - Once your registration is successful, your account can be used immediately.


2. I forgot my password, how do I reset my password ?  To reset your password, please do as following steps:

     - Option 1: On the homepage of website, click on Forgot Password in the frame of Employers.

     - Option 2: On the login page click on Forgot password

     Fill out all required information and then click Send. You will receive an email from us. Check  your email to know your password.


3. How do I change my password ?  Login to website

     - Option 1: On website homepage, in frame of Employers, select Edit account and then select Change password

     - Option 2: Click on Recruitment Center, go to Account, select Change password

     Enter the current password and new password, re-enter new password and then click Save

     You can modify all display information except login information (username).


4. How to post a job on website ?

     - Create an account ( see section 1 How do I create an account on website ?)

     - On the Homepage of website, click Post Jobs.

     - Fill out all required information and click Finish

     - Then you go to Recruitment Center menu. In Advertising Jobs List, select the job posting you has just created, click Post Job icon to finish

     - Go back homepage, you will see your recruitment


5. How can I know when a candidate apply (apply online) to my job position ?  There are two ways to know that:

     - Option 1: while you are posting a job, you check on the checkbox Receive email alert whenever candidates  apply online

     - Option 2: Go to Recruitment Center, in Resume Management section, select new resumes and then find  online applications


6. How to find outstanding candidates on website ?

     - Firstly, you can go to Search Resume on webpage, it will give you 2 ways to find: Quick search and Advance search

     - Next, select the keyword given by website or select New keywords and then enter the keyword you want and click Search. You also can select more categories to find the most relevant results


7. How to save a suitable resume ?

     - On the search results page, in the detail display section, you have 2 features: Save resume and contact candidate, click Save if you want to save that resume or click Contact to contact that candidate directly

     - To see all saved or contacted resumes, go to Recruitment Center, then select Resume management > new resumes > Saved resumes. Select the resume you want to see


8. How to change company information, contact information on website ?

     - Login to website. There are 2 ways to edit information:

     - Option 1: On Homepage of website, from  the frame of Employers, select Edit account

     - Option 2: Click Recruitment Center, select Account; In edit company information, select information that you want to change, then enter new information and then Click on the icon “accept” to finish or click icon “cancel” to skip

     - All display information also can be modified.



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