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Website respects your personal information. We understand that you need to know how we manage personal information collected from website. Please read and understand our privacy policy.


If you do not agree this policy, please do not access website. By accessing, registering, and using this website, you agree to be bound by all terms of our privacy policy.


Information collected

     Website collects your personal information such as your name, address, telephone number, date of birth, and other information to identify individual’s information when you register or use website. When you access our website, you are not required personal information. However, to able to access areas requiring registration, you have to register by providing your personal information as our request.

     We will only collect information to meet visitors’ demand and only for our business purpose based on laws.  We also collect ordinary information of visitors such as IP address, Web browser, types of operating system, date and time you access the Website, and the other descriptions. We may combine ordinary information with personal information.


How we use your information

     Usually, we use your personal information only to respond your questions or implement your requests.

     Your personal information may be shared with other companies, but in case it’s necessary to meet your demand or for related purposes. We will not provide your personal information to the third party for their services without your permission. However we may share personal information to the company that we hire to provide services for us. We may also provide information if it is identified to have a negative impact to third party, we can also provide and reveal this information as permitted by law and in any other cases that we determine it is necessary to provide services to individuals. Website customers’ data can be transferred to a successor or a person appointed to manage the company when the company merged, purchased or went bankrupt.


Security for collected information

     We only collect personal information if it’s suitable and necessary for our business purpose. We maintain appropriate safeguards to ensure the security, integrity, accuracy and privacy of the information you have provided. Besides, we also have appropriate measures to ensure that the third party use safeguards for information we have provided.


Links to other websites

     If you click the link to 3rd Website, including advertisements, you will leave website webpage and go to the site you choose. We cannot control the activities of the third party and are not responsible for the safety or any content of that website


Edit and delete account information

     You can edit, update your account information at any time. Although you delete this information, we can recover them from our database to solve disputes, implement terms of use, or because of technical and legal requirements related to the safety and activities of our website.


Changes to this policy

     We have a right to change contents of these terms. Please confirm regularly to know any change of this policy. We will notify you via email once there is any important change related usage of your personal information. In case you refuse changed terms of website, please contact us Once you continue using this website means that you agree to be bound by changes of our privacy policy.


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