Cory Dating

- Cory Dating Script is the right one that helps you to create your one tailored to your needs.

- It is a simple but powerful and customizable script.

- The system is easy to install and to manage but secure.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Key Features:

  • Integrate & support various payment gateways (Paypal, ...): Allow users to select among many integrated payment methods or allow administrators to add new payment gateways.
  • Customizable templates: Allow users/administrators to select themes from multiple available designs or themes.
  • Social networking options: Allow users to connect with facebook/g+/twitter.
  • E-card integration: The e-card integrated system let users send e-cards to their friends any holidays or special days.
  • Quick and advanced search: Allow users to search their friends by gender, age, locality, marital status, or mix of these and other criteria.
  • Security and spam protection: Help users/administrators fight with spam effectively, ban users with abuse action or ban IPs.
  • Media sharing support (pictures, video, music): Allow users to upload and share all kinds of media content with their friends.

Demo & download:

Demo account:
- Email:
- Password: demoapp
Admin demo account:
- Email:
- Password: CoryApps
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